Program and Project Managers

We provide professional Program and Project Management services to our clients worldwide, providing the highest standards of service, utilising our experienced team to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.
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Project Health Checks

Project Health Checks are a low cost, proven way of providing the project team and sponsors with early indications of potential problems or issues during the life of a project or program. Scheduling Health Checks can encourage the team to maintain good practices from start to finish.
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Project Turn Around - Project Rescue

We have extensive experience “rescuing” projects and turning projects around. Projects can get into difficulties for many reasons from inappropriate project goals, poor project management, incongruent process designs, mis-configured and improperly implemented systems. We will stabilise the project first after identifying the critical issues and then optimise and improve together with the team.
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Team Training

Our Training Programs improve the effectiveness of our clients workforce. We believe that training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital. Our Training Programs develop on core competencies of staff as well as substantially increasing both productivity and satisfaction through our own proprietary tools and frameworks.
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

We specialise in Data Warehousing/Migration and BI projects. We help managers and organisations make better data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex environment. We often manage the entire development lifecycle for our clients, working with our clients to advise and support on everything from the selection of the best technologies through to the most appropriate project management methodologies to use.
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DWH/BI Readiness and Health Checks

Data Warehouse readiness and Health Checks are a low cost, proven way of providing the project team and sponsors with the confidence to embark and/or continue on their Data Warehouse or BI implementation which also gives a clear indication on what needs to be done in order to start and/or continue, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.
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Project Team Coaching and Assurance

Through our Team Coaching and Assurance role we contribute to improving a team’s ability to achieve its desired outcome. It differs from one-to-one individual coaching, in that Team Coaching focuses on the implementation of processes that develop on interpersonal relationships, encouraging collaboration and positive team habits.
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Managed IT Service

Our Managed IT Services are designed to help organisations focus on their core business and strengths by outsourcing all or some of their IT implementation, maintenance, development and/or support.
Using the extensive experience of our staff along with the expertise of selected partners we develop a secure, scaleable and reliable support services model customised for each client that is location and platform-independent.
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ACE Training

ACE Training has been created specifically for the London business, finance and IT sectors for both experienced contractors and consultants wishing to exponentially grow in their careers by adopting the strategies and techniques in this training.
The training will give you the tools to position yourself as The Expert in your field. You will learn to leverage yourself and to be a person of authority to grow your level of influence, seal your position as the Go To professional in your field.
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