Tiny and Judy Consulting Ltd (also known as TJ Consulting Ltd) is a privately owned consultancy with a small team of highly experienced Project Managers, IT technologists, developers and Business Management professionals.

Founded in 2012 by Tiny and Judy van Niekerk in response to a need in the marketplace for a consulting house that truly embodied the ethos of IT as an enabler to the business. The consultancy was created to provide clients with an efficient service, the best practise guidance and solutions that ensure projects get completed successfully, on time and within budget, so clients can focus on their business and serving their clients and growing.

Tiny and Judy have gained global experience over the past 15+ years across many industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing. They have also partnered with other Consulting Houses from Israel, South Africa, UK, Canada, USA and Bermuda to assist in implementing projects efficiently.

Over the years Tiny and Judy have engaged an expert team of professionals with comprehensive experience and today they operate globally directly with their clients or in partnership and collaboration with other Consulting Houses where their expertise is required.

As well as providing a consulting service to clients Tiny and Judy Consulting Ltd also engages in development projects using technology to solve challenges in society as with The Digital Bra. The Digital Bra is a revolutionary project that is disrupting the lingerie industry.

In 2015 Tiny and Judy Consulting introduced ACE Training to their list of services. This training has been created to fill a need in the marketplace for professional contractors and also corporate staff. As the business landscape is changing rapidly today it is imperative to adopt.

The Head Office is based in London. To find out more about Tiny and Judy Consulting please feel free to
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Over the years Tiny and Judy Niekerk have been featured in numerous global media for their transformational work in the business and entrepreneurial fields.

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