ACE Training

Are you a contractor but would love to increase your rate?
Would you love to move into contracting?
ACE Training will
  • Show you how to charge top rates
  • Be headhunted for contracts
  • Never be without a contract
  • Be the Go To Contractor and Expert in your field
Comprehensive training to turn your career around
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ACE Training

Next one day workshop Saturday 12/03/2016 9:30am
  • A – Accelerated Laser Training
  • C – Contractor\Consultant become a highly paid professional
  • E – Entrepreneurial Strategy and Mindset
Comprehensive training to turn your career around
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TJ Consulting Services

Delivering innovative solutions using our own proprietary tools and processes developed over 15 years to our clients

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Project Health Checks
  • Project Turn Around/Rescue
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Specialists
  • DWH Readiness and Health Checks
  • Project Team Coaching/Assurance
  • Team Training

The Agile Data Specialists - Data Scrum

Ensuring your business goes from strength to strength each day

  • Data Mining – making sense of your Data
  • Data Governance Strategies – securing your Data investment
  • Data Management – consistency across your organisation’s Data Assets
  • Business Intelligence – Making your data available to the Right people at the Right time
  • Data Scrum – Agile delivery of key business insights
  • Data Security – Protecting your Data

Founders and Developers of The Digital Bra

The Revolutionary NEW APP that 3D scans your body so you can FINALLY have The Perfect Fit Bra CUSTOM made and delivered to YOU!

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Our History – Formed in 2012 bringing together the Director’s wide and varied expertise and combined belief that companies could be gaining a greater return on their investment in consultancy services and technology. With a background in Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunication,Mining, Agriculture,Manufacturing, Oil and Gas the Directors bring a wide range of expertise in Change Management, IT, Business Intelligence, Training and Project Management. We are grateful that today we enjoy exponential growth based on word of mouth referrals and recommendations.

How We Work – We partner with you and adopt your values so we can ensure maximum impact with minimum disruption. We are enablers for your business and empower you to maximise your return on investment not only on professional services and your IT systems but also on your Data. Data Mining and Management is a critical key to growth in today’s business landscape, so we ensure that you are maximising your business and utilising your data at its best.

Our Ethos – IT is an Enabler for your business not an end game. Communication is key to our success with our clients. Collaboration for maximum success. Transparency and visibility of progress. We adopt our clients vision to ensure success.

According to studies from the John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University it is estimated that 40 percent of today’s F500 companies will no longer exist in 10 years.

It is important to keep pace with technological and strategy changes to avoid becoming extinct. There is a move away from linear strategies and growth to exponential strategies, leveraging data, algorithms and new technology that delivers returns worthy of a business today. Over the past few years we have gained significant experience in this area. We collaborate closely with our clients, equipping them with the tools to stay ahead of the curve in their industry, whilst preparing them to capitalise on tomorrow’s opportunities. We bring together a harmony between IT and Business Professionals ensuring a shared vision and application of strategies.

Ensuring Compliance – Governance and Integrity at all times

Building Harmony between all stakeholders – maximising ROI and growing revenue starts in the processes of the business and collaboration of business units

Revenue Growth – Maximising existing investment, capitalising on existing Data and sustainable solutions that no longer require the cumbersome systems of the past. All of which directly impacts the growth of revenue.

Maximising Efficiency – reducing costs of delivery, speeding up project delivery. Project implementations no longer need to take vast chucks of operating budget and stretch into years. Additionally maxmising the use of existing data radically improves efficiency and revenue.

ACE Training

ACE Training has been created specifically for the London business, finance and IT sectors for both experienced contractors and consultants wishing to exponentially grow in their careers by adopting the strategies and techniques in this training.

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